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by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:41 pm
Forum: Play With Code
Topic: Index this
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Re: Index this

Interesting :|
by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:40 pm
Forum: Hardware Issues
Topic: The Apple iPad
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Re: The Apple iPad

That video was funny!! Never saw it coming :D
by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:38 pm
Forum: Hardware Issues
Topic: steampunk iPhone?
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Re: steampunk iPhone?

Good design but that phone is the worst. Have fun with the NSA spying on you.
by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:36 pm
Forum: Site Stuff
Topic: Mumble - VOIP?
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Re: Mumble - VOIP?

Yes, thats some good stuff. But if you insist on PTP with many people in a room.
Otherwise if you are just talking to one person then I recommend Jitsi.
by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:33 pm
Forum: Own The Machine
Topic: RetroShare
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So anyone using RetroShare?
Its the best software in my opinion for encrypted sharing and communication.
Come on over! -
by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:32 pm
Forum: Protect Yourself
Topic: Fix Tracking
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Fix Tracking

Got some good stuffs for you all to explore -
I feel you must be knowing about them already!
by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:30 pm
Forum: Own The Machine
Topic: Pentadactyl
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Anyone using this awesome stuff? -
Amazing interface modifier for Firefox. Similar to Vimperator.
by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:16 pm
Forum: Free Beer
Topic: Wish me well
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Re: Wish me well

Good luck. But why Adobe ?
by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:08 pm
Forum: Own The Machine
Topic: Need decent free ---PDF reader
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Re: Need decent free ---PDF reader

How about Evince?
by Selatie
10/05/13, 7:06 pm
Forum: Site News
Topic: Board Back Online
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Re: Board Back Online

You know I have been coming here since years but never registered here though.
I am still using Windows XP even today. And I love the shells information available on this site.
Are you still on XP even today?